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Bi-fold doors have revolutionised the face of modern designs and renovation projects by providing an elegant and effortless way to open and extend the home.

Able to achieve extremely large widths of up to 16 metres, the bi-fold system allows for the doors panels to be folded away to the edge of the opening, bringing the outdoors in and extending the living areas into the surrounding environment.

  • Corner opening Bi-fold Doors
  • Bi-fold Doors offer a smooth operation
  • Screen bi-fold doors with retractable screens
  • Curved opening Bi-fold Doors

Our bi-fold doors are fully custom made and can be designed to suit a wide range of opening sizes. Detailed below are the maximum door sizes for a bi-fold system.

Minimum door panels: 2
Maximum door panels: 16 (8 left and 8 right)
Maximum door panels height: 4000mm
Maximum door panels width: 1100mm

Bi-fold doors can be effectively screened with retractable screening solutions (excluding curved bi-fold doors). For details on this option, please refer to the Screening section of our Selection Guide

Bi-fold Door Configurations
Detailed below are some suggested configurations for bi-fold doors. When selecting a configuration, consider whether external access is necessary.

Can’t see the configuration you are looking for, then why not design your own? We custom make every item, providing endless design, configuration and sizing options.